January 8, 2022 Sellers

Ceramics by Leo by Leonor San Sebastian ~ Handmade ceramics from Chicago

The Crazy Casa by Michele Medrano ~ Gift tags, Papercrafts, and unique altered items.

Chris Wooten ~ I search the alleys of my neighborhood for discarded furniture.  I carry it home, dismantle it and use the wood to make  boxes, vessels and utensils.  

Created By Collette by Collette Dudeck ~Hand made small batched scented soaps and candles that are vegan friendly. All materials for packaging are recycled or recyclable

Damsel In This Dress Designs by Heather Flett ~ Cool stuff for women who don’t need to be rescued.  Purses, totes, bags, and more.

Debbie’s Designs by Deborah Solomon ~ Handmade sterling silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

DETOXX Products by Anjie Moore ~ Clean, handmade beauty. 

Gathering Hands by Elizabeth Smarz ~ centered around a deep reverence for nature and color manifesting in the forms of locally grown and harvested teas, organic handmade salves, soaps, and tinctures, and ethically sourced moth and butterfly earrings.

Goodstill by Alex Parks ~ purchased clothing from secondhand stores upcycled to create fun and unique pieces.

HanMade Market by Hannah Douglas ~ Earrings & Home Decor made from pressed flowers and resin! 

Hemp Heals Body Shop Inc. by Tiffany Joi ~ premium and luxurious CBD bath/body products that’ll help improve consumers quality of life & mobility. By utilizing our products, clients are guaranteed to have the best all-natural pain relieving experience ever!

Karra Linney ~ Affordable, handmade statement jewelry pieces. Each design is original and unique, just like you!

LuDesigns Creations by Lucy Clasen ~ Silver Smith, lapidary, leather, stamped and beaded jewelry. Some fiber art and greeting cards.

Luv Butter by Celina Shelton ~ whipped cinnamon plant-based butter spread that is irresistibly delicious! It is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and organic.

Marigold Press by Nikki Copeland ~ Fun and whimsical digitally illustrated greeting cards, handmade by a mom in Chicago. 

 Maverick Leather LLC by Lynn Harris ~ I use old-world techniques and hand tools to craft canine accessories and equipment using bridle, latigo, and harness leather, as well as webbing.

Mixtape Your Life by Melissa Sassmann ~ Mixtape Your Life draws inspirations from counter culture and pop culture, sex positivity, LGBTQ and feminist movements, and a whole lot of rock and roll. Sassy laser cut statement jewelry and home decor, hand crafted foil printed artwork and greeting cards.

MojoOwl by Nors Beatriz ~ jewelry from Natural raw gem stones.  I often mix them with recycled jewelry to make new wearables.  Lots of love, light and energy goes into them.

The Moon At Noon by Brooke Bovier ~ Crocheted items: scarves, socks, hats, blankets; handmade and can be made to order. Embroidery, upcycled crafts and more! 

October Lotus by Asha Dickens ~ a holistic healing company that offers herbal teas that support reproductive wellness in women. I offer several herbal blends that support different reproductive concerns.

queen of dignity and prosperity by Shonte okedokun ~My  work comes with patience and taking the time to pursue the art and nature to make a product for luxury.

Raku Pottery by Ellen Fishbein ~ fun ceramic items that are wheel thrown.  Raku Pottery, Horsehair pottery, Chess Sets, Colaners, Mugs.

rj studio inc. by Rashidia Autmon ~ handmade jewelry, stationery, and accessories 

Rocket Relics by Simone Kowalewski ~ Handmade soy candles in upcycled containers.

Sista Dolls by Yvette Wesley ~ handcrafted cloth dolls and art that represents beautiful brown skin girls

Storybooks & Gardens by Kathryn Keil Kerste ~ Handmade magnets, keychains, pins and more, made from upcycled children’s books and magazines. Seuss, Nancy Drew, Scarry, Gorey, and other classic faves!

Suds & Succulents by Christina Stradone ~ upcycled cans turned into beautiful succulent and cacti planters. Keep your favorite beer or N/A product for all to see with a Suds & Succulents planter.

SunshineIsHappiness by Susan Lechner ~ oil hand painted magnets, canvas boards, coasters, and prints, some are sweet, some are whimsical, but all are created to bring you warmth and happiness

Tamara Koransky Art ~ brightly colored mandala and botanical designs on canvas, wood, and on upcycled windows and furniture.

Tanae Speaks LLC by Brittanii’ Batts ~ poetry/spoken word items that tell about my story, my healing process, and the importance of self love. More than the book, poetry has always been my form of therapy and way of expressing my emotions before I knew of therapy or enrolled.

The Typewriter Tarts by Kay Kroger ~ The Typewriter Tarts are on-demand typewriter poets. People give us a word, and we write them a poem on the spot on our vintage typewriters, and also give them a dramatic recitation. 

Water Lily Soap Co. by Christina Buettner ~ handmade soap and bath products. Each product is made in small batches with all-natural oils and other high-quality ingredients.