March 2020 Sellers: Show postponed to May 8, 2020

1984 by Kristina Jolliffe ~ one of a kind clothing for all shapes and sizes. Most items are vintage inspired, and upcycled.

Ballion Design by David Staudacher ~ Handmade Jewelry from Ballion Design. We turn vintage and antique silverware into one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and more. 

Bangin’ Designs by Jackie Peoples ~ Metal jewelry hand forged from sheet and wire. I work in copper, silver, bronze, and some nickle. 

Blue Owls Studio by Marta Kucharska ~ ove uniquely handmade items, vintage pieces, minimalist  and boho designs

Boothy Chicago by Dee Castro ~ Former graffiti artist with a line of t-shirts, jewelry, bags & decals

BoxBerry by Erin Bonham ~ Punny greeting cards for holidays and happiness. Made with love in Chicago.

Burning Midnight Oil by Kara Schultz ~ narrative inspired, hand carved, relief prints and I am in the process of exploring hand embroidery.

Butterfly Cookies by Beatriz Navarro ~ Costumize cookies for events. And goodies too. Make them fresh every day with high quality.  

Clix2pix by Georgia by Georgia Velisaris ~ unique Chicago, Galapagos Islands animals, International, and seasonal themed mini-collages.  She also makes Chicago/Galapagos Islands themed coloring books and prints of her Chicago themed Mixed Media artwork. 

Damsel In This Dress Designs by Heather Flett ~ Cool stuff for women who don’t need to be rescued.  Purses, totes, bags, and more.

Dead Poet Accessories by Tanzen Lilly ~ Handmade gothic jewelry and accessories made with recycled materials

Designs Delights LTd by Linda Sue Collins ~ Treasure chest of handcrafted gemstone jewelry featuring semi-precious stone, amber, pearl, shell, crystal, glass, wood, leather, fiber, sterling silver, & more!

Eva Airam Studio by Maria Belokurova ~ Handmade leather jewelry  

Feuille Ceramics by Elizabeth Fowler ~ Small batch wheel-thrown stoneware. Vacant vessels uniquely created for plants, coffee, coins, or whatever fills you. 

Grandpa Dirt by Catherine Tanner ~ Home, Garden, and Personal Design products.  My projects are upcycled from thrift store, vintage and rescued items.  

Grumpy Crafts by Stephanie Roman ~ Handcrafted bags made with reclaimed materials such as upholstery fabric samples, vintage belt buckles, horse brass, and leather belts. Each bag is a unique, functional piece of art with its own fabric story.  Made in Chicago.

Instant Disassembly by Dena Fromberg ~ I sell unique polymer clay earrings and wall hangings with pops of color and fun patterns! 

Kingston James & Company by Tanya Scruggs Ford ~ HandCrafted Goods & Services.  Known for our Jenga Necklaces hand painted  topped with resin. In addition, we hand craft natural body & bath care products; using the highest quality of essentials oils.  

Lily Baker Ceramics by Lily Baker ~ functional ceramic mugs, cups, bottles, vases, and bowls Atmospheric fired stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe, and makes your morning coffee or evening tea just a little bit better. 

LuDesigns Creations by Lucy Clasen ~ Silver Smith, lapidary, leather, stamped and beaded jewelry. Some fiber art and greeting cards. Offering items for males has been an addition to my line.

MojoOwl by Nors Beatriz ~ jewelry from Natural raw gem stones.  I often mix them with recycled jewelry to make new wearables.  Lots of love, light and energy goes into them   I also recently designed a very cute Chicago charm.  It’s an angel wing that says “Chicago” on it. 

Moonstone Chandlery by Maureen Crichlow ~ Hand Poured Crystal Infused Soy Healing Candles and Smudge Sprays. Our candles are made with essential oils, herbs and 100% soy wax.  Each candle and spray is Reiki charged with a positive intention to support the wellness of its user. 

Morbid Orchid Co. by Mason Gold ~ Showcasing the magnificence of insects and arachnids in handmade belt buckles, bracelets, bolo ties, pendants and more. Apparel components are handtooled out of acrylic, wood and bone.  

Northlake Naturals by Jennifer Neives ~ Handmade bath products, eco friendly, and natural products. We make body scrub, lip scrub, lip balms, body butter, bath bombs, bubble bars, multiple types of soap, and candles.

Poodly Pawesome by Amanda Iverson ~ Ceramic planters, flasks, vases, bottles, and mugs. Modern meets Hanging planters. With and without plants!  

Raw Amor Jewelry by Alessa Gurrola ~ I make delicate jewelry using one of a kind raw stones and semi-precious gemstones. 

rj studio inc. by Rashidia Autmon ~ handmade jewelry, stationery, and accessories 

Rocket Relics by Simone Kowalewski ~ Handmade soy candles in upcycled containers. 

Scrap and Lace by Melissa Toops ~ a Chicago based, female-owned business focused on small batch wheel thrown ceramics. Each piece is unique, bridging the gap between functional and sculptural – wonky and bold with just a hint of structure and order in the beautiful chaos.

Serenity Es-Scents by Peggy Britman ~ Pure vegetable wax candles, infused with natural aroma blends, hand-poured into lovely vintage jars to create a soft light and peaceful ambience.  

Sky Lyte Candle Co. by Melissa Castillo ~ Handmade soy-based candle, with a hemp wick, coated in beeswax. Each candle burns for 30 hours. 

Soap Junkii by Quinneidrah Mines ~ Local handmade luxurious soap. 

SunshineIsHappiness by Susan Lechner ~ oil hand painted magnets, canvas boards, coasters, and prints, some are sweet, some are whimsical, but all are created to bring you warmth and happiness 

Waterfall Glen Soap Company, llc. by Douglas Coggeshall ~ A vegan soap and cosmetics company, focused on the ART and SIMPLICITY of natural goodness in healthy skin care and bathing pleasure.

Xeroine Illustration by Yessica Jimenez ~ art prints, original pieces, stickers, shirts, and buttons. All easily portable art and items.