December 14, 2019 Seller List

Abstract Journey by Tracey Peloza ~ This is a disability business by my daughter who creates hand painted greeting cards

Auburn Moon Creations by Angie Nunez ~ Purveyor of handmade bath and body products for sensitive skin. Specializing in all natural bar soap, body scrubs, lotion/lotion bars, and tinted lip balm.

Bangin’ Designs by Jackie Peoples ~ Metal jewelry hand forged from sheet and wire. I work in copper, silver, bronze, and some nickle.

Cranky Pickle by Jessica White ~ acrylic paintings that feature whimsical monsters, unique animals and horror themed art. These painting are made on recycled media devices; vinyl records, VHS tapes, floppy disks, cassettes, and CD’s. She also does fun and funky stud earrings that are food and animal related. Finally there are enamel pins and stuffed Cranky Pickles.

Damsel In This Dress Designs by Heather Flett ~ Cool stuff for women who don’t need to be rescued.  Purses, totes, bags, and more.

DamenArt by Nuria McNeal ~ Colorful and unique yarn based jewelry. Crochet and metal necklaces, chokers, earrings and bracelets.

Debbie’s Designs by Deborah Solomon ~ Handmade sterling silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

Designs Delights LTd by Linda Sue Collins ~ Treasure chest of handcrafted gemstone jewelry featuring semi-precious stone, amber, pearl, shell, crystal, glass, wood, leather, fiber, sterling silver, & more!

Drawing With Scissors by Kelsey Donahue ~ diorama wall hangings and accessories with felt and found objects! I try to buy a lot of secondhand supplies from estate sales, thrift stores, and the WasteShed!

Elyse Allen Studio by Elyse Allen ~ hand bound books, stationary, and jewelry feature decorative papers hand marbled by me using traditional techniques and patterns paired with modern materials and color choices.

Fall But Once by Ashley LaPoint ~ whimsical paintings, drawings and knits each piece emphasizes color and texture

Gildling by Rem E. Mason ~ I enjoy making and selling hand stamped prints, shirts, totes and other goodies. I also make handmade dolls and jewelry…all things thistle milk and burnt honey…

Instant Disassembly by Dena Fromberg ~ I sell unique polymer clay earrings and wall hangings with pops of color and fun patterns!

Into the Pines by Carlie Merkle ~ jewelry made of unique, upcycled pieces as well as hand-wrapped gemstones.

JoMo Soap by Michelle Dall ~ All-natural handmade soaps crafted with pure essential oils and earth-derived colorants. Eco-conscious bath products promoting mindfulness self-care.

Journey: One Bar at a Time by Misala Calakovic ~ My product offers a healthy alternative to holistic body care which is free of unnecessary chemicals.

Kooky Crumbs & Crafts by Patricia Tostado ~ Beautiful and delicious custom made cookies and sweet treats for all occasions.

Life on Mars Goods by Jamie Ramsey ~ Multifunctional bags and housewares made of eco friendly leather and other natural materials

Lily Baker Ceramics by Lily Baker ~ functional ceramic mugs, cups, bottles, vases, and bowls Atmospheric fired stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe, and makes your morning coffee or evening tea just a little bit better.

LuDesigns Creations by Lucy Clasen ~ Silver Smith, lapidary, leather, stamped and beaded jewelry. Some fiber art and greeting cards. Offering items for males has been an addition to my line.

Madame Platypus by Rachel Katzman Farr ~ cards/prints. Crochet dolls/toys. Humorous resin pendants w/ chain.

Melissa Sue Stanley ~ soft culptures and creepy cute items that are the denizens of her personal mythology-characters that are told through wool and wire.

Milton’s Mastery by Kimberly Turk ~ Handmade candles in unique, recycled wine and beer bottles. 100% soy wax and natural cotton wicks.

Morbid Orchid Co. by Mason Gold ~ Showcasing the magnificence of insects and arachnids in handmade belt buckles, bracelets, bolo ties, pendants and more. Apparel components are handtooled out of acrylic, wood and bone.

Nature’s Trace Co. by Rachel Sloan ~ small batch soap shop, bringing the beauty of outside inside for everyday use. Hand-harvested colorants and additives come from beehives and gardens located in Irving Park!

rj studio inc. by Rashidia Autmon ~ handmade jewelry, stationery, and accessories

Rocket Relics by Simone Kowalewski ~ Handmade soy candles in upcycled containers.

Serenity Es-Scents by Peggy Britman ~ Pure vegetable wax candles, infused with natural aroma blends, hand-poured into lovely vintage jars to create a soft light and peaceful ambience.

Slow Flow Art + Design by Shannon Dowty ~ I use acrylic pouring techniques with mixed media to create vibrant one-of-a-kind jewelry, art and objects.

Soap Junkii by Quinneidrah Mines~ Local handmade luxurious soap.

SunshineIsHappiness by Susan Lechner ~ oil hand painted magnets, canvas boards, coasters, and prints, some are sweet, some are whimsical, but all are created to bring you warmth and happiness

T & All That Jazz by Lashatiana McMorris ~ hand poured soy wax candles. Handcrafted engraved and personalized glassware

That’s My Jam + More by Stephanie Doerfler ~ I can and preserve seasonal and local produce, using traditional recipes to make flavor-filled items that you can eat all year. Items that I make include jams, candied jalapenos, pickles, pickled red onions, jellies, salsa and more.

Too By Three by Kelsey Johnston ~ OOAK fabric dolls and stuffed animals, along with knit beanies and various textile goods.

Wolf Pup Getup by Jacey Secreto ~ vibrant, quality, and comfortable baby and toddler clothing (newborn to 3T). Items include bibs, droolies, reversible skirts, pants, and upcycled onesies with men’s ties.