Saturday, February 9th Sellers

Affinity Design Co. by Geena Sondy ~ Leather and canvas goods. Each item is made with love and care in the Chicago studio.

Ballion Design by David Staudacher ~ Handmade Jewelry from Ballion Design. We turn vintage and antique silverware into one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and more.

Blue Owls Studio by Marta Kucharska ~ uniquely handmade items, vintage pieces, minimalist  and boho designs

Clix2pix by Georgia Velisaris ~ unique Chicago, Galapagos Islands animals, International, and seasonal themed mini-collages.  She also makes Chicago/Galapagos Islands themed coloring books and prints of her Chicago themed Mixed Media artwork.

Cranky Pickle by Jessica White ~ I use recycled bottle caps and do mini illustrations in side then make them in to jewelry, pins and magnets. I also do acrylic and mixed media paintings on old media, records, vhs, floppy disk, cassette tapeCream

City Caramels & Confections by Gregg Hutterer ~ Handcrafted Sweet & Salty Caramels in an ever-changing assortment of flavors

DamenArt by Nuria McNeal ~ Colorful and unique yarn based jewelry. Crochet and metal necklaces, chokers, earrings and bracelets.

Damsel In This Dress Designs by Heather Flett ~ Cool stuff for women who don’t need to be rescued.  Purses, totes, bags, and more.

Debbie’s Designs  by Deborah Solomon ~ Handmade sterling silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

Elizabeth Kline Designs ~ Hand-forged jewelry with an organic and industrial flow, using gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze, combined with vintage glass and semiprecious gemstones.

Gingershells Boutique by Shelly Cousineau ~ handmade soy candles in a variety of unique or vintage containers ranging from mason jars to dainty teacup and awesome 80’s cartoon glasses.  They are available in many delicious scents.

Good Harbor Studio by Taylor Mentzer~ Original mini paintings, prints, cards, and handmade wood frames.  Images are colorful and inspired by nature from kayaking on Lake Michigan to hiking in the winter.

Into the Pinesby Carlie Merkle~ jewelry made of unique, upcycled pieces as well as hand-wrapped gemstones.

Lazy Little Lizard by Kimberly Smith~ chainmaille mainly made in vibrant anodized aluminum

Lost & Found by Aleshia Schiller~ Mixed material collage art made primarily from old magazines. Each collage speaks to the artist’s fascination with imagery of the past and forgotten things.

Luciérnaga Knits by Lauren Nunn~ Excessively snuggly handmade knitted items, pet portraits and whimsical watercolors hailing all things geekery.  I’m inspired heavily by soft, thick textures and deep, gem-toned hues.

LuDesigns Creations by Lucy Clasen~ Silver Smith, lapidary, leather, stamped and beaded jewelry. Some fiber art and greeting cards. Offering items for males has been an addition to my line.

Madame Platypus by Rachel Katzman Farr~ cards/prints. Crochet dolls/toys. Humorous resin pendants w/ chain.

Natalie Walser ~ Original arts and prints, pottery and cat toys, all exploring the joys and the hilarity of urban modern life.

Nature’s Trace Co. by Rachel Sloan~ small batch soap shop, bringing the beauty of outside inside for everyday use. Hand-harvested colorants and additives come from beehives and gardens located in Irving Park!

NeighborGOOD Arts by Bradley Fellows~ fun and quirky pieces that convey your neighborhood pride with bright and colorful imagery- perfect for the “Fronch-room”!

Recycled by Robin by Robin Wilson ~ scented candles from recycled beer bottles, wine bottles, liquor bottles, and jars. All candles are handmade using soy wax.

rj studio inc. by Rashidia Autmon~ handmade jewelry, stationery, and accessories

Slow Flow Art + Design by Shannon Dowty~ I use acrylic pouring techniques with mixed media to create vibrant one-of-a-kind jewelry, art and objects.

SunshineIsHappiness by Susan Lechner~ oil hand painted magnets, canvas boards, coasters, and prints, some are sweet, some are whimsical, but all are created to bring you warmth and happiness

Terminal Cross Stitch by Angela Isadore~ Stitching up a nerdy and modern twist on a classic craft. Offering a selection of custom designed and framed cross stitch pieces and patterns.

terra by Kaycee Mendoza~ Handmade minimal, neutral, and earth-toned clay jewelry pieces.

Tida’s Treats by Alicia Andry ~ Custom made cookies for events or individual consumption. Creative cookie blends and decorative sugar cookies.

Tulle & Wrench by Katie Ujimori~ Cake toppers, garlands, candle holders, and drink stirrers that add an extra special touch and whimsy to any gathering.

What Jenny Makes by Jenny Ross~ Colorful and fun to wear hand dyed silk scarves and wet and nuno felted accessories. Colorful and fun to wear hand dyed silk scarves and wet and nuno felted accessories.