Send the following information in an email to   Be sure to answer all 8 questions. Incomplete applications will not receive a response.

1. Name

2. Address

3. Email

4. Business name

5. Brief (two sentence) description of your work for our website.

6. Website

If you do not have a website, please attach a few photos of your work.

All of your items must be handmade by you. In addition, the components you use must be handmade by you or significantly altered from their original state. This second requirement applies most often to jewelry sellers. Examples that would qualify would be silver smithing, upcycling, chainmaille, fused or blown glass, resin work, etc.

7. How do your products meet the show requirements?

8. You will be provided with postcards and posters before the show. Using those and other means, how will you assist us in promoting the show if accepted?