Frequently Asked Questions

Show Dates:

The Handmade Market is the second Saturday of the month from October to April. We are adding the forth Sunday of the month from January to April.  Sellers will be able to book one show per month. We are off from May to September. Go outside!

 How Much Does It Cost:

Prices for the 2018/2019 season are $35 for a 4 foot space and $40 for a 6 foot space.  Prices are reviewed at the beginning of each fall season.  I do my best to keep prices low.

Cancellation Policy:

I will maintain a waiting list and all cancellations will have to be through me. I will do my best to find a replacement from the waiting list for cancellations that I receive in a reasonable time frame. The cancellation fee this year will be $10. While I understand that emergencies occur, please do not book a space unless you are sure you are available for the show.


There is free street parking on Western and Augusta. Many of the side streets are permit, so check signs before parking. Sellers can unload at the corner of Cortez and Western and then park nearby.

Crowd Size:

We count on sellers to help us advertise and spread the word about each show which helps us keep the space fees low.  Sellers are given postcards, posters, social media materials, and promotional emails.  On a slow day we have 150-200 shoppers, on a busy day we have 350-400.

One Space Per Show:

We have a limited number of spaces. Each seller can book one space per show and one show per month.

Seller Newsletter:

Receive updates when new shows become available through our newsletter.

Set Up:

Detailed set up instructions are sent a month before the show date.  Set up begins at 10:30 am.

What to Bring to the Show:

  • Table & chair

  • Lights and extension cords or candles, as the interior is quite dim

  • If you’re in spots 28, 29, or 30 you will also need duct tape for your extension cord so no one trips

  • Display trees, dishes, etc.

  • A mirror

  • Business cards

  • Cash box/storage and change for customers

  • Credit card reader